As a Native American girl growing up on the tiny Umatilla Indian Reservation in Mission, Oregon, Jude Schimmel never expected to be a role model to tens of thousands of people – but that’s exactly what she’s become. Through hard work, dedication, focus and perseverance, Jude beat the odds and succeeded “Off the Reservation” at a young age.

Her parents taught her and her siblings valuable life lessons while utilizing the power of sports and education as guides, and those lessons laid the foundation that helped her accomplish so much at such a young age.

Jude graduated from college in three years, and earned the NCAA Elite 89 award for having the highest grade point average in the 2013 NCAA basketball championships. She was named one of Glamour Magazine’s Top 10 College Women in 2014. She has played college basketball at the highest Division I level as a point guard for the University of Louisville, playing in a Final Four and a National Championship game. Jude has been a featured keynote speaker at the National Unity Conference, has volunteered time for countless organizations, and has spoken to over 40 Native American tribes throughout the United States in an effort to give back and inspire others – particularly Native Americans.

This book shares Jude’s story of growing up on a reservation, and what it took to succeed in the “real world” outside of reservation life. Jude shares many of the lessons her parents instilled in her, as well as many she learned along the way. She presents these in a unique way, using some of her favorite inspirational quotes and personal stories. She also makes it a priority to help everyone gain a better understanding of Native Americans, and the oppression that still exists amongst these special people today.

It is Jude’s hope that this book will inspire others regardless of walk-of-life. From Native Americans, to basketball fans, to anyone who appreciates stories of overcoming adversity, this book tells an inspirational story with themes that can be applied to everyone’s lives.